How To Choose An Officiant

Have you asked yourself how important is your actual wedding ceremony? After giving it some thought, I am sure you will realize it is the most important aspect of your entire wedding day. Everything else on the day of your wedding is secondary in relationship to your ceremony. After all, this is your lifelong commitment, your promise to one another in view of your families and friends.

Because of this, you must know what you want your officiant to convey about you and your beliefs. Your officiant should want to know about you, so a personal presentation will unfold. They must be a good speaker, and have proper credentials.

How do you find an officiant? No longer is the church or synagogue our only source for providing an officiant, today we have other resources to utilize. You can begin by researching through the many bridal magazines and periodicals, attend local bridal shows, ask for personal references and browse the internet and websites.

After choosing from those you’d like to talk with, call each officiant and inquire about their services. The following are some good questions to ask (however, a good, well organized and experienced officiant will probably share all of this without begin asked.)

The Top Ten:

1. Do you have the date & time open

2. How were you trained or credentialed

3. How long have you been performing wedding ceremonies

4. What makes you different than other officiants

5. Can I add anything I’d like to the ceremony, i.e., write my own vows, include others to read or speak

6. Is premarital counseling required

7. Can you give me a quick overview

8. How do you handle rehearsals, and or, how many times will you meet with us

9. What are your charges & what does that include

10. What happens if you are ill

Now select 2 to 3 officiants that you interviewed over the phone who best represent your beliefs to meet with you in person. Here is what to expect in the “in person interview” with your officiant:

A really good overview of the ceremony and all it entails
Ask to see their credentials, if not displayed
Complete information on obtaining a marriage license
Require details of payments and what is included
A signed agreement between you and the officiant once you have made your decision. (Make sure to give yourself room to make a clear decision, if necessary, the freedom to leave to think over your decision.)

A special note: If you are getting married in any religious institution or place of worship, you must pay particular attention to their rules and regulations which must be followed.

Have fun in this particular search. You want to remember you have a wonderful opportunity to leave your family and friends with not just more insight about each of you and you as a couple, but a renewed belief in the good of love and celebration in their own lives.